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Spin at Meridian

The image contains the red and black text "SPIN AT MERIDIAN".

Spin at Meridian is a micro-mobility program brought to you by the Meridian Metropolitan District.  With 12 stations located around Meridian, you can easily commute to the office, go grab a bite to eat or just take a spin around the area.  We encourage you to try out the electric scooters and e-bikes and let others know about the program.
Check back often, as we have a number of projects
in the works related to the Spin at Meridian program.

More about Spin

A row of SPIN bikes on a sidewalk, with buildings and clear blue sky in the background.

Simply download the Spin app on your mobile phone and then scan the QR code.  This rides on us! For the time being, the Meridian Metropolitan District is picking up the mileage cost of your ride!  Simply pay the $1.00 to start (plus tax) and we will take care of the rest.

Once you have arrived at your destination, simply visit the app, click End Ride and submit a photo of where you safely parked the scooter or bike.

Be sure to be safe, follow all rules of the road and have fun!  Note the boundaries for the e-equipment is within Meridian.